“How You Think Is Who You Are”

Turn the rest of your life into the best years of your life

I’m not immune to the problems that come with growing older. Like you, I face days
when I feel lonely, shunted aside by a youth-driven society and feeling grief for loved
ones who have passed.

But I’ve learned how to focus on the positives that come with graying hair and a slower pace – enriching my life with the wisdom and perspective we acquire as we move from the chaos of doing to the calm of being.

Call me to learn more about the Five Conversations to add joy and meaning to your senior years:

  • Why we are here
  • Looking back to go forward
  • Not the men we used to be – thankfully!
  • Accentuating the positives
  • How do we want to live the rest of our lives?


We can talk during a walk in the park, over a cup of coffee or at my home office in Lincolnwood.

Contact me for further information.