Embracing Elderhood Book Cover

Embracing Elderhood​

The Three Stages of Healthy, Happy, and Meaningful Senior Years

Undeniably, growing old is challenging; the physical pain and emotional angst are unrelenting. The tendency is to think there is nothing left to live for; no point in defying the unforgiving mortality chart. Embracing Elderhood offers an alternative to the pessimism that leads to ‘dying before we die!’ It loudly proclaims, being old is about chronology; being an Elder is about attitude. The book is a genuine contribution to the narrative about aging that redefines the concept of Elderhood by answering three important questions relevant to the stages of aging.

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How to Add Years of Joy and Meaning to Life

Imagine yourself on a frightening journey to a mysterious, unmapped destination called Getting Old. Descriptions of the path that you must travel are stark and terrifying. To your great relief there is a collection of essays to guide you around the pitfalls and reveal unexpected marvels along the way. You realize with great joy that the trip can be a remarkable adventure.

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Living with Love and Light

Love refers to our desire to communicate from the heart. Light speaks to clarity of intention and leads us to Love.

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The In-sourcing Handbook

Finding the Happiness You Deserve

The In-Sourcing handbook offers you opportunities to create a daily routine for nurturing your spiritual Self, guiding you on the path to a life of joy and fulfillment. The daily exercises provide practical ways to go beyond self-imposed limitations, exploring the body, mind and spirit where the source of true happiness is found. Everything you need to achieve personal happiness resides within you.

The book is available in paperback and e-book editions at The In-sourcing Handbook: Where and How to Find the Happiness You Deserve, by Arlene and Howard Englander.

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