Embracing Elderhood

The Three Stages of Healthy, Happy, and Meaningful Senior Years

by Howard Englander

Embracing Elderhood Book Cover

Undeniably, growing old is challenging; the physical pain and emotional angst are unrelenting. The tendency is to think there is nothing left to live for; no point in defying the unforgiving mortality chart. Embracing Elderhood offers an alternative to the pessimism that leads to ‘dying before we die!’ It loudly proclaims, being old is about chronology; being an Elder is about attitude. The book is a genuine contribution to the narrative about aging that redefines the concept of Elderhood by answering three important questions.

With our lives well past the halfway point, we ask ourselves: Why am I here? We recognize how childhood and chance predetermined the role we played in life. Now the question becomes, ‘Is this how I want to live the rest of my life?’ The task is to exorcise the shame and regret of the past, finding forgiveness in your heart and redefining your relationship to family, money, society and your inner truth.

Aging is a relentless process. Often burdened by illness or ill luck, we ask: Why am I still here? Elders find energy and motivation by making the behavioral change from self-service to being of-service, using their life’s experiences to find purpose, making a positive difference in the lives of others.

After we have passed, our loved ones will provide the answer to our final question: Why was I here? Will we be remembered kindly; did we make a difference in people’s lives? It’s now or never to do what remains to be done and to finally confront any unresolved issues.

In this book, we learn how to address each question and find purpose and meaning in our elder years. We are the sages, the teachers, the philosophers with the perspective that only comes with age. But we must speak out. As elders we have an elemental responsibility to teach others and share our gifts.