In the course of his long business career Howard Englander held many titles familiar to the world of marketing and advertising. But as he quickly learned after retiring, the lofty nameplates no longer apply when your career comes to a close and you move from the corner office to a corner of the den. He realized the challenge he faced in retirement was to stay vital and actively involved in the flow of life rather than idling on the sidelines.

Howard set out to revitalize the basic underpinning on which his life rested. Primary to the process was adding a more kindly, spiritual component to his outlook on life rather than looking solely to external and material rewards. With his therapist wife, Arlene, he developed the concept of In-sourcing, a belief that everything we need to achieve a life of joy and fulfillment is within us and available on call. It proposes that we don’t have to search outside of ourselves for the components of a happy and meaningful life. Howard realized that when people stop measuring their happiness by referring to their net worth and rung on the ‘ladder of success’ they discover an inner peace and self-esteem independent of approval from others. He has followed this path for two decades, offering his discoveries to hundreds of men and women searching for personal fulfillment and career success.

Howard is the co-author of The In-Sourcing Handbook: Where and How to Find the Happiness You Deserve, a practical guide and instruction manual offering hands-on exercises to help guide readers to experience the transformative shift from simply tolerating life to celebrating life.

He is the author of 73, a recognized collection of short stories probing the inevitable problems and unexpected opportunities that lie ahead for America’s growing senior population. Exposing the social-media culture that regards people in their seventies as if they were old cars ready for the junk heap, the stories are about men and women who refuse to look at the odometer, running the gamut of emotions as they struggle to resist becoming irrelevant in a youth-oriented society.

Recently completed and scheduled for publication in 2017 is a collection of short stories entitled Love, Lust, Shame, Regret… and Harold. Until its appearance in bookstores and on-line sale at Amazon, a story from the new anthology will be posted each month on this website. Readers can sign up on-line for a signed, pre-publication copy of the book.

Howard’s current writing project is a compilation of posts on his blog, Cheating Death, How to add years of Joy and Meaning to your life, published intermittently on the ChicagoNow host site sponsored by the Chicago Tribune.